Our Dear Customers,

We have decided in the current situation, for the sake of our employees and our customers to close down temporarily in efforts to help stop spread of COVID-19.
We will let you know when work will be resumed. Thank you for your understanding.

Royal Cakes Team

Pleas Stay Safe
Apple Cake

AED  18.00

Carrot Cake Slice

AED  20.00

Chocolate Madeleines

AED  8.00

Mini Gateaux

AED  7.00

Mini Gateaux Box

AED  120.00

Mixed Fruit Cake with Apricot

AED  18.00

Molten Cake (Lava Cake)

AED  15.00

Pastries are one of the most loved baked sweets of almost everyone. At Royal Cakes, we pride on the pastries that we bake. Our pastries are infused with rich flavors and a creamy texture. The different types of pastries that we have, at our store, leave everyone spoilt with choices.
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