Almond Pie (whole)

AED  120.00

This old fashioned almond pie crust is flakey and flavorful. The almond is present but not overpowering. It is the perfect backdrop for a custard, fruit pie or tart!

Almond Tart

AED  15.00

These tasty little tarts, with their sweet, ground almond filling, are a wonderful finish to a light summer meal.

Berry Tart

AED  15.00

Turn fresh berries into a sweet, beautiful dessert with this Fresh Berry Tart.

Choco Chip Tart

AED  15.00

If you love cookies, then you are really going to love this chocolate chip cookie tart . You can never have too much of a good thing, right?

Chocolate Tart

AED  15.00

Lemon Tart

AED  15.00

Mini Tart

AED  5.00

Nice and small, delicious mini tarts with full of flavor, makes a perfect appetizer. When you want just a little sweet, they're the ticket!

Passion Fruit Tart

AED  15.00

Passion fruit Tart With choco

AED  15.00

A lovely balance of sweet, silky, creamy and crispy in this beautiful and decadent chocolate and passionfruit tart.

Pistachio Tart

AED  15.00

This pistachio-packed tart is rich, dense, and infused with the sweet essence of honey.

Raspberry Tart

AED  15.00

Try this delicious raspberry tart for a sweet and tasty dessert on your every occasion.